• 12 x 12 in
  • M220 material
  • Hemlock finish

    Declan microfiber squares are made with two different textiles for greater versatility and use. These materials are identified as M120 and M220. Both fabrics are equally suited for the same function but our customers are usually split on their preference.

    M120 : a woven twill similar to fabrics used in some apparel. Thinner and lighter than M220.

    M220 : more traditional, suede-like microfiber. Thicker and heavier than M120.

    80% polyester / 20% polyamide / Made in China


    We recommend regularly washing your Declan microfiber squares for optimum cleaning efficacy.

    Suggested washing methods

    • Machine wash with like colors
    • Never use fabric softener
    • Hang dry or tumble on low

    Free US shipping on orders over $25 // International over $45

    US Shipping

    Standard ($3) : 3 - 5 business days

    Express ($10) : 2 - 3 business days

    International Shipping

    Standard ($10) : 7 - 10 or more business days, based on location

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    Based on 35 reviews
    Arturo T.
    Best lens cloth. No rival found. Please make cat themed cloth 😺

    I own several Declan cloths in several sizes and in both m120 and m220 variations. I love all of them. I have yet to find a rival lens cloth that matches their quality. I only tried others for their patterns, and was disappointed by other makers. Declan is the best bar none and I hope they make a cat themed cloth for all of us cat parents.

    Useful and awesome!

    Great materials used! These are so handy as functional pocket squares. I use them everyday…hope for more patterns soon!

    Great new size 18 by 18

    Just purchased the new size (for me) 18 x 18 in Coal pattern. This is a spot on size. I have quite a few of the smaller sizes and have found so many uses; sun glasses, cell phones, cameras, binoculars, etc. I had not bought one in awhile as I have so many, however I took a recent look at Declan web site and found the larger size. Perfect size and color for my MacBook Pro in steel gray. I also have a leather space gray sleeve and this size is perfect to wrap the MacBook when I slide into the sleeve.

    Jens L.

    Don‘t know - Have not received it, yet :D

    Bradley B.
    Still has not arrived.

    Ordered on 11/2. Not here on 11/21.

    A G.
    Return Customer - items lost in the mail

    I have not yet received my items so I can’t really give an accurate review. Tracking says my items have been delievered…don’t you hate that?! Since I am a return customer I know I will love them.

    Jacob G.
    Didn't receive

    Package says delivered but USPS has no record of it

    Tom L.
    Don’t buy these

    I never received my order. I have submitted multiple support requests but they have all been ignored. This site is a joke.

    A G.
    Have not received yet

    I’m sure I will love them once I receive them. I’ve ordered before. Just waiting...

    horrible - i mean, how am i supposed to live without it?

    ok, yeah, it's great. yes, it cleans my glasses and my screens better than anything i've used before. and sure, i like the cool designs. but then what? i'll tell you what - then you have to learn to deal with the frustration of not having one with you when you need it because you left it in the pocket of your other pants. then you have to find yourself coming back to the site buying another set because you really want to leave the Geoff at the office and the Pie in your car not to mention the one little Timmy just used as a hanky, and holy crap it actually washes well? anyway, the point, don't start.
    you've been warned.

    Peter G.
    ok but pricey

    while the cloth is substantial, the price is a bit steep in my opinion. I'll have to see how it holds up over time, meaning the ability to clean without streaks.

    Chad A.

    I love these handkerchiefs. I now have 5 of these and will continue to buy more!

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