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  • Blotto - Mojave

Blotto - Mojave

$9.00 $10.00

We've teamed up with photographer Dean Blotto Gray to produce our first ever artist collaborative series. Tailored for the task of shooting photo and video in wet and cold environments, this oversized piece is a critical addition to any photographer's gear bag. Never miss out on that perfect shot because of a wet or dirty lens.

Follow Blotto as he travels the globe for the perfect shot via his website, Instagram, Flipagram, EyeEm, Soul ID, and Facebook.

  • + 9 x 9 in
  • + Declan M220 fabric
  • + Unsewn edge

Care instructions

Declan is your permanent solution in dealing with the elements.

- Dean Blotto Gray


As you use your Declan product, hopefully one day you will think, "I remove a lot of moderately gross stuff from my [BLANK] with this, which is super cool, but shouldn't I wash this thing?" Here's what you need to do when you start asking such questions.